Heavy objects can be lifted and moved even to long distances, thanks to its intense power.

Stiff crane

Stiff crane

With its wide working radius and intense power, it is optimized for strenuous work. The crane’s boom can be extended to reach out for objects that are far away. In general, it is used as a cargo crane with the deck mounted.

Knuckle crane

Knuckle crane

The smooth movement of the knuckle enables loading and unloading of heavy objects, which ensures maximized convenience. In general, it is used as a cargo crane with the deck mounted. It can also even be used as a forklift by fitting a knuckle at the end of the crane.

Recovery truck

Used to move broken vehicles or recover overturned ones



Its towing method consists of lifting the wheels of a towed vehicle. It has the advantage of being able to quickly tow vehicles.

Wrecker truck

Wrecker truck

Its towing method consists of lifting a tow bar connected to the front-wheel axle of a towed vehicle. As it has the largest allowable load among tow trucks, it is advantageous for towing large vehicles.

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