H:EAR-O Tour

2019 Glamping Tour

Glamping Tour with Customers

Hyundai Motor Company is running a family-friendly glamping event in order to show its appreciation to its many customers.

Hyundai has been running this special event for 3 years, since 2017, for owners of the Hyundai Mighty and Hyundai Mega Truck who would like to spend more time with their families.

For the 2019 event, a total of 95 people from 25 families were invited to enjoy a BBQ party, a performance, recreational activities, and more. The Glamping Tour Program is offered to Hyundai Mighty and Hyundai Mega Truck owners, many of whom drive long distances and may not get to spend enough time with their families. Hyundai will continue to run various events to provide its customers with touching moments that will turn into lifelong memories.